Dec 24, 2015

The end of 2015

Yeah it has been a longgg time I didn't write or post anything in my blog. Since the year of 2015 will be over soon and 2016 will be coming, I would like to share what happens throughout this semester. The burdens getting harder and manyy works to be done. But lastly I did it successfully. It has been a stressfull and busy life in this semester. FYI, I am now in 7th semester and it will be end soon as my final exams are around the corner. One more semester to go and I will be graduating ! Yayyy. But one thing to be settled off. My final year project and thesis writing. I need to forget about my semester holiday for one month to finish my FYP. Oh God please make me strong. Pray me for the best ya. Thanks peeps ! :)

Final year student.

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