Jun 4, 2014

Bedroom decorating idea

Hye everyone. There have been a long time since I stopped writing in my blog. Nothing much, just a bit busy for study week because the final exam is around the corner ! Actually I really can't wait to go back home after this final exam. It's semester holiday ya know. My family have decided  to move to a new house on early July, means during Puasa day. Yeay I'm so excited. So my mother had choose a white furniture set for me and my sister's bedroom and black furniture set for both of my brothers. Instantly, I got an idea how to decorated my bedroom soon as my sister told to do that -_- . So, after a few discussion with my sister on facebook messenger, we managed to plan an english style for our bedroom. Whoaa sounds interesting rite ? The white furnitures really suite that style and we plan to put some pastel pink wallpaper on one side; since my mother want to keep the wall white only. Then, maybe a pink white also for the bed set and the curtains. Huh, guess what I'm thinking rite now ? Tadaaa...

Ohmaigadd ! These are very sweet and pretty ! But seems luxurious too. Or maybe I'm just dreaming haha. Well, I got to continue my study. Bye ! :)

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