Nov 8, 2012

I have turn 20 !

You know what ? I've turn 20 at 5th November.
Ouh no. I think I still young, but it is not.

So yeah, I didn't expect they will come to my room and do some surprise. Because we were so busy at that time with lab reports and studying for quiz. And suddenly, they come to my room and shout 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY !' while singing along. hahaha how sweet !

But, I feel so excited and just like 'tergamam' for a while when they singing 'Happy Birthday' for me. LOL so awkward. I just stare at them because.. haha so funny lahh !

hihihi so true !

handmade birthday cupcake by Dee. thanks Dee :')

preparing. before come to my room

camwhore together. with silly face hahaha

the birthday girl with her cute birthday cupcakes

A big thanks to all my friends that had wished me on fb and twitter. Me heart you !

So what are my wishes for my birthday ?

Hmm I want....

A new spirit
A new intention
A new beginning


A new Blackberry please ?
Hikksss :p

I wish all my dreams come true :)

with love,

NOTES : I wish I want to go back home this mid sem holiday. But it is impossible. Hmm :(
Dear AIR ASIA, why R U so expensive ?


theHeroin. said...

ingatkan awak sebaya kita :O
happy belated birthdayyyy

wantie said...

happy b'day to you. I wish all of your dream will come true also..

come & join

nahunabila said...

thanks for all the wishes ! :D