Nov 9, 2011

silent love # 1


"Its about love
Its about friendship
Its about life
Its about us  "

My eyes gonna seems to be sleepy right now. Before going to bed, I on my FB. I just wanna to update my status there. I wrote ' I love chocolate very much =D '.

Then, in the next day, I was very surprised that my friends give me some chocolates. What a lucky me. Haha. I just keep the chocolates.
At night, I got one message from my phone.
"Meet me in front of library"
Oh, it was him. I really know him. 
Did he wanna to express his feelings?
HAHA. silly me. *wink wink XD

So, I rushed to the place and feeling very curious about that. Why he suddenly want to meet me? Hmm. Weird.

I sit beside him on a bench. Then, he give me a bar of CHOCOLATES! What a sweet day! 'Ouh thanks. Today I got four chocolates.' 'And one from you', I smiled happily. 

'But you have got five chocolates, not four', He smiled. 'What? I thought it was only one. Ouh thanks again', My cheeks had blushed.

'Okay, I need to go. Bye, see you next time'
'Bye, take care. Don't forget to eat the chocolates'
'Surely,thanks ya'.

And I feel like that day was so sweet.
With a lot of chocolates.
I smiled again.


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