Nov 11, 2011

silent love # 3

One day, he text me,
" Do you like teddy bear? "

I replied,
" Ouh yes, I have many kinds of teddy at home, why?"

"Nothing, just to ask,"

I smiled.
Ouh, I think that I will get a gift from someone today.

At night, he ask me to go out for dinner.
My heart beated fastly.
Ouh, something unpredicted will happen.
I feel nervous.

Then, I meet him at a cafe.
We dinner together.
And talk and laugh.

At last, he ask me,
" You said that you like teddy?"
I just said yes.

" I have spongebob at my room,"
" Your spongebob will get a new friend,"
" Haaa?" I look her face.
He just smiled.

After dinner, I got a surprise!
He had bought a big TEDDY OF THE YEAR!
Ouh my God! I want to faint! *kidding

" This is for you,"
He gave me the big gift.
I just look into her eyes, deeply.
I feel that he was the most romantic guy in the world,
and I was a very lucky girl in the world! HAHA

I feel so shy.
Everyone was looking at us.
While me, bringing the teddy.
We walk together.

We played with the teddy.
And shared the best moment.
What a day!

I was very thankful to him.

Suddenly he said,
" I want you to take care of the teddy,
It might be like me,
if I was far away from you
or one day I am not with you.."

His word make my feelings so sad.
And I don't want to lost him.

How can be the teddy same like you?
Just think.

Is it possible to walk together with the teddy?

Is it possible for the teddy to hear the music same like you?

Is it possible for the teddy to read books like you?

Is it possible to play together with the teddy?

Is it possible for the teddy to sing a song and play guitar to me?

Maybe I still feeling lonely with the teddy bear.

It can't show its love to me.


I promise

I will take good care of it

I will love it so much

Same like you =D

missing you... :`)

notes: actually the teddy is 'gary' which is a friend of spongebob =)

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