Nov 9, 2011

silent love # 2

It was evening.
Today is a good day to go out.
Suddenly, my best friend ask me to the park.
She said,'Lets meet them.'
Ouh, I feel very excited.

 Actually, my best friend and I really love to go there.
The place was very peacefull, beautiful, and nice.

 We saw some people riding the bicycles, sitting on the bench, jogging around, play with their friends, dating with their partners, and picnic together.

Suddenly, we saw the two boys. Ouh yes, we really know them. One of them carry a guitar. Then, they sit somewhere and trying to play the guitar while singing a song. 

So, we sit beside them and heard the beauty of music. So amazing! 
Ouh the best moment is when he suddenly play my favourite song towards me. A love song. We sing together. And I thought that my dream was come true. I had dreamed that a boy sings a song to me while playing guitar. He make my dream. 

I think that that evening was so wonderful.
And I would not forget that moment forever.


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