Aug 12, 2012

15 Addictions

I'm addicted to them :*

Goodnight everybody! 
Ouh actually the word '15Addictions' was trending at twitter. So yeah, I want to make a post about my addictions.

My 15 Addictions:
  • foods (yeah this is my main addictions even I'm very thin -.-')
  • chocolates (I like all the foods that have chocolate in it)
  • doughnuts (Big Apple is my fav!)
  • ice blended
  • shoppings! (especially clothes, shoes & tudung)
  • eyeliner (a must have make up)
  • photography
  • hlovate's novel
  • kpop (ouhh sejak bila?)
  • one directions songs
  • kittens
  • bracelets
  • lomo cameras
  • vintage style
  • social networking

Thats all. I think there are many more but since it must be 15, so here there are. But why for number 1 until 4 are only about foods? Haha that means I love foods so much ya know :D
So, what are your 15 Addictions? Tell me.

Night peeps and happy weekends!

notes: 2 or 3 days more. pray for me :)


lynndAmya said...

holla ! sy pun...
foods sama, big apple also my fav !!
jemputlah dtg Jb, singgah gerai sy, kami jual ice blended, haha :D
shopping..em window shopping je kut :(
eyeliner also compulsory, rase mata lebam kalau tak pakai, haha
photo, suka jugk..and i Love cats !
vintage style~~me too
that's all..hahaha (n_n)

Farie Faraway said...

Farie pun sama dari no.1-4,7,12,13,15, tapi yang lain tu kurang sikit, hehe. :P

nahunabila said...

lynndAmya: ouh nnt sy dtg beli ice blended haha. eh rasenye kite ade byk p'samaan la kihkih. btw, thanks for the comment dear :)

nahunabila said...

Farie: hehe setiap org ada minat yg b'beza :)