Jun 23, 2012

Best Moments In Life ♥♥

Here I want to post a short entry.

About the Best Moment In Life ♥

•Laughing till your stomach hurts
•Get away on a vacation with friends
•To fall in love
•To go to bed while listening to the raindrops outside
•To pass your exams with high grades
•To see an old friend again and feel that things have not Changed..
•To touch the fingers of newly born child..
•Walking alone on a silent road at night and listening to your favorite songs..♡
•Calls at midnight that last for hours
•To wake up then realizing you can still sleep more
•To accidentally hear people say amazing stuff about you
•To hear a song that brings out so much memories
•Walks on the beach
•The feeling you get on the night before a huge event or party
•Spending full days with friends
•Watching sunset
•Butterflies you get when you see that special someone.
•The comfort of knowing there are someone that care and love you.
•when something you never expect to happen , happens or whom you love suddenly tells you “I Love You”

“This is life.. Simple stuff can be a reason for your smile.. Cherish every moment… And keep them close to your heart.. “

notes : going crazy with my best friends is the best moment ever :)

psstt..share your best moment


me just typing said...

nice quoting :)

i like .

kaki bola said...

every moment i've experienced except LOVE.poor me.heh

Aziah Razak said...

For me the best moment is when I spent all my time with my family, especially my mom. ;')

zulhilmi tempoyak said...

one day i will catch that moment.. :D

nahunabila said...

me just typing: thanks :)

nahunabila said...

kaki bola: you have LOVE from parents, friends and the most important, Allah. :)

nahunabila said...

Aziah Razak: ouh me too :) the best moment ever!

nahunabila said...

zulhilmi tempoyak: yes you will :)